Delivery Policy

Dear Customers: Please read delivery policy carefully before placing order!

Delivery Zone


 You can also check your zip code on the "Do we deliver?" section or before you checkout.

Delivery Fee

Delivery fee is $3 for all areas. Orders over $35 will enjoy free deliver. 

Delivery Time

Please select desired delivery date and time range before checkout. 

**IMPORTANT**: Delivery time is affected by many uncontrollable factors, we can not guarantee an exact delivery time. We DO NOT handle urgent/early delivery. If you need the order for specific time, please use pick up service. 

Same Day Delivery

Same day delivery is available for Zone 1. Please order before 11AM to get same day delivery.

Order Ahead

For regular cake orders, order 1 day ahead is enough. If you want to order special or customized cake, please contact our customer service before place order.

You can order ahead for up to 7 days. 

Delivery Notice

On the delivery day, we will send you email notice when we dispatch. Usually delivery will arrive within 1-3 hours after dispatch.

The delivery guy will call you before arriving, and he will left the package at your door. Please make sure your phone is available for incoming calls on the delivery day. Thank you!

Surprise Delivery

If you are ordering for someone else, please let them know when we are delivering and get prepared for incoming calls. 

If you want to keep it as a surprise, it is VERY IMPORTANT to leave a note to us. If we are not aware of the surprise order and the recipient reject the delivery, our delivery guy will have to return the cake to the store.